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It's a beautiful thing to help other people! If for someone 50 euros are really important to arrive at the end of the month, few euros (also just 50 cents for example) are nothing for us, prosperous people of the north side of the world, and they could be basilar to optimize the life conditions of more unlucky people, or to help associations thet work for other people and animals or to optimize the environment. Here below you can find the details of the gifts we've donated with our group, paying at least 6 or 10 euros each. We, our friends and our web site's visitors have all together attended theese projects. Our task is to offer one project, collect money until the necessary amount and make the payment to the associations. If you want to take part with us at the actually open project Click here. Thank you with all our heart !

Project close in March 2010
Project close in November 2009
Project close in November 2008
Progject close in 2005, 2007 and 2008
Project close in March 2008
Project close in November 2007
Project close in May 2007
Project close in February 2007
Project close in February 2006
Project close in November 2005
Project close in March 2005
Project close in March 2005
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