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Attention, very important ! Contact us for every question, information, doubt and explaination to our E-mail clicking on the image here sideways. We will reply to you as soon as possible during the weekdays (consider that during Saturday, Sunday, holydays and when we are busy in a tour we don't reply to the e-mails because we never switch on the PC !). We are serious and responsible people and we always reply so, if you don't receive our reply within a week, it means that our or your server or some Antispam filter has erased our or your reply. If you don't receive any reply after two days, contact us in Facebook or WhatsApp by clicking on the images here sideways.

Please, before contact us read until the end of this page, thank you: If you need informations about one of our trips around the world we are at your complete disposition. But it could be that you need informations that you can already find inside our trip's diaries or in one or more sections of our web site. We suggest and kindly ask you to read our trip's diary inside the section "I Nostri Viaggi" and to consult the "link utili" at the bottom of the diary you are interested in. You can find other informations inside other pages concerning the trip, pages that you find between the links, at the bottom of the page of the diary (Album Fotografico, Roadbook, Gps, Attrezzature, Guide e Mappe, Meteo). Moreover, always at the bottom of some our trip's diary's pages, you can find the link to the page of the Faq that is a list of your more frequent questions and our relative replies. If, after consulting theese sections, you have not yet found the informations you need, don't exitate to contact us by E-mail. We also would like to inform you that we never give informations concerning prices because they are subject to changes for different reasons (high or low season, kind of flight company, kind of accomodation, etc). For estimations regarding flyghts, fly&drives or stays, we suggest you to contact any travel agency. You can also contact us in Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp or see some our videos on Youtube clicking on the images here sideways.

If you found useful this web site for the organization of your trip, if you think that we give a good service to the comunity, that this web site must go on and you think that our hard work deserves to be rewarded, you can make us a gift comfortably Online, also of only 50 cents. To have more details Click here.

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